2015 Cj and Lottie

2015 Cj and Lottie.

Cj and Lottie has a new era coming in the upcoming year, 2015.

2015 Cj and LottieEdit

2015 is going to be quite a year for Cj and Lottie, It is going to be more animated, in a better HD quality with full episodes. The Creator Cj L has confirmed that video quality and general episodes don't meet the requirements he would like so Cj and Lottie Studios are taking time out to improve it. 

Has This Effected The Shows?Edit

Cj L has made sure that this event will not effect the audience, it will be making updates every so often but it is proven to take some time. One event which hasn't taken place was Cj and Lottie Origins , which is going to be a big main part of the so called " Cartoon Revolution ".