The Beginning: Tortonian. Edit

The name Tortonian, came from the era in which these creatures strolled the land. It all began with Chattian, the oldest and one of the first creatures of the world. When he was made he strolled alone of the Earth, yet he knew not of what his weapons of defense would get him into. You see his species had evolved in the darkest of dungeons. From deep below the surface he was created from the hardest materials and atoms. To be precise he had been made from over 68% Promethium, a ultra rare material with super radioactive isotopes, and 28% Lanthanum/Cerium along with protein tissue and water. But how can a creature be made in such depths without the major life resource, water. Well by such great co-incidence there was a small pool of water below the cell culture and even below that there was a lava stream, the heat coming up caused the water to evaporate and condense through the crevasses and forming a pool in which the life could grow, the heat also adding to a more successful life. And thus, a new dog was born...Entry #1

The next flame: AquitanianEdit

Aquitanian was the next dog to be created, he although did not have any genetic relation to Chattian. He became a dear friend to Chattian and during their fellowship, the creation of the lords of the elements began. An oath was set that firstly all lords of the elements were to protect the segregated land and to prevent evil from ever establishing power. Along with this, after the death of Chattian, the preceding Lord (based on the age) would gain the ability to command.