Smoky and Lottie's was a food chain set up by Lottie and Smoky, a carcinogenic smoke cloud. Cj was originally set up as part of the business, suggesting the first food menu.

Such meals included:

  • Cyanide chips and a smooth refreshing coke
  • Celery sticks and sand

Lottie however disagreed greatly with the idea of selling celery sticks, and so demoted Cj to running the car park.

After the chain (first called Lottie's) was set up independently by Lottie, smoky, a byproduct of an overdone steak, came to Lottie to help her run the business. Cj meanwhile, began charging extortionate prices for parking: a 15 minute stay equated to £35.87. Smoky and Lottie were angered by Cj's move, and so rallied for many years in war. It is believed that over 700 people died in the conflict.