Terra Del Cane is the land on which stands the world that Chattian ruled along with the Woodsplant City which Cj and Lottie live in.

Terra Del Cane regionsEdit

The region in which Cj and Lottie live in is in Woodsplant city which is West Central region, we believe that the West Central region was cut off from the rest of the world by giant hills which Tortonian had made as he saw the progress which the Canis had made and how their civilisation could corrupt Chattian's Oath of keeping the regions safe.

Woodsplant CityEdit

Woodsplant city is the main city and only city of Terra Del Cane. It has a population of 5,689,240,678 canis animals along with 789,245,890 other species. It covers a good 460 miles of land with the outer suburbs being mostly wooden houses and destroyed wrecks which powerful weather causes. There are main walls which block off the outside world from them along with the high hills. There are also large parks which act as their hills and nature. There are huge and main skyscrapers like the Din Din Distribution company (Where Lottie works) which feed the economy for them. Cj and Lottie live at 172 Blueplant Lane which can be seen in episode 36 (Cj and Lottie Random bits ) when Cj is in the house.

Earth Edit

The world in the Cj and Lottie series is very similar to our Earth but the main and largest piece of Land is Terra Del Cane, the other regions are known as Neve Eterna (The top land) and Terre Perdute (On the right). Neve Eterna translates to Eternal snow and Terre Perdute translates to Lost lands as now creature has ever travelled there except the Lord of Nature (Unknown).

Terra del cane

The Cj and Lottie Globe

The Mystery Zone Edit

The Mystery zone is a place which no creature except the Lord of Fire and of Darkness has ever gone before. 


The history of this zone is very strange. According to Chattian, this zone was the limit of light where it cannot be absorbed, since there is no objects for light to bounce or be absorbed, the place appears dark (Like space yet inhabited on earth). In the time of when Cj and Lottie discovered Origins , Lottie quoted "Wherever this leads Cj, wherever it goes, we cannot follow".