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Original Inspiration Edit

In the very beginning of Cj and Lottie's creations, Jason based his comic design of Cj and Lottie on his dog, Willow. Willow was at the time 3 (11th November 2011), she was a female Golden Retriever with a Line of Gold running down from her head to her lower body. Her general shape influenced the Character of Cj very much in aspects with the head and Body. Willow to this day still plays a major role in both the shapes/angles of the Characters, but also her actions and daily responce's to life.

Willow's Origins Edit

Willow was a Golden Retriever pedigree breed and was family of a very famous Dog family tree. The father had been known for his skill and smartness and had been displayed in contests around the Nation. He was much like Willow, but displayed more a puffed chest. Willow's Mother was much like the father, and had a excellent temper on which Willow followed on.

Later Years Edit

Willow to this day is still part of Cj L's family. She has the brightest of love and affection for her family, and still has the charm and energy of her earlier life. She will always be known to the Cj and Lottie community.


Willow The Dog.